BTP Welcomes Two New Bodacious Support Technicians!

The Merriam Webster definition of the word “bodacious” is…Well, do we really have to define it? You know a bodacious person, or two, when you see them. And that’s exactly why we are so excited to announce our two new additions to the technical support team here at BTP.

Their names are Vinoth Kaladeepan and Peter Paramonov.

We Call Him Vinny

Vinoth, or Vinnie, is a junior systems engineer. As a part of our help desk, he is passionate about helping people and committed to making sure network inquiries are resolved in a timely fashion.

According to Vinny, “It’s all about the customer relationship.” There’s nothing finer to him than an appreciative client.

BTP Welcomes Two New Bodacious Support Technicians in New Yourk & Queens

If you’ve been keeping up with our news feed, you know that this fine gentlemen came to us through our recently realized strategic alliance with NetFox.

BTP and Netfox have been working together for over 6 years as partners in providing technical support and also on projects such as build outs, construction projects, email migrations, and wireless rollouts. This combination offers BTP additional bench strength in terms of staff and allows the firm to expand its footprint into Brooklyn, Queens, Connecticut, and Long Island.

Peter, Peter, Computer Problem Eater

Peter Parmaonov wants to make a difference in the day to day of our clients’ lives and help them accomplish their business goals more effectively.

Peter, Peter, Computer Problem Eater in New Yourk & Queens

Whether it’s assisting a user who is having difficulties with their computer turning on or having trouble launching an application, Peter is there to serve.

New Year, New Capabilities

Bodacious we are. Indeed.

Anyone interested in learning more about BTP should email

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