The Laptop Gets a Makeover at CES 2017

The Laptop Gets a Makeover at CES 2017 in New Yourk & QueensAmidst the gadgets and hyped up technology inventions displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show this January, we were surprisingly struck by the new twists on - drum roll please - the conventional old laptop.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Lenovo, a favorite model of ours at BTP, is getting a new look and feel that we like. Lighter in weight than its predecessor but equipped with 15.5 hours of battery life, a Kaby Lake processor and QualComm Snapdragon X7 LTE modem, Lenovo is giving us more value per square inch. We were also glad that the ThinkPad X1 Yoga will see improved battery life and better retractability for its keyboard. (Goode, 2017).

The Samsung Chromebook Plus

This laptop caught our eye for its simple, common sense design. Experts are calling it “the first laptop built with Android in mind from the very beginning.” (Wagner, 2017). Aside from its compatibility with all Android apps and Google play, we enjoyed hearing about its context menus designed to smooth the divide between mobile apps and laptop apps. Logical, practical, and attractively priced, this machine struck us as one of the show’s best this year. (Wagner, 2017).

HP Elitebook x360

The graceful motif of this silver-white stallion is as pure as the winter snow. But this machine isn’t just a pretty face. As communal workspaces are the rage nowadays, it is equipped with a (quasi) privacy screen so that your business doesn’t have to be news to everyone in the coworking space, a fingerprint reader, and a camera compatible with Windows Hello (Wagner, 2017). The price is nothing to sneeze at but we think the features it offers are necessary for the power user who happens to hail from a shared office space.


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