What Exactly Should I Do with Microsoft Office H20-365?

Read this article to hear about how Cirque du Soleil is jumping on the drone bandwagon, the merits of teaching your children how to program, and a shocking IT Fun Fact of the month. For our lawyers in the audience, our review of NetDocs that will entertain, shock, and amaze you. Enjoy!

Drones at the Cirque du Soleil Paramour Show

This time Cirque du Soleil really has outdone itself.

Using algorithms to program luminescent drones called "quadcopters", Cirque's Paramour Show presents lampshade-covered flying machines that build structures from ropes and bricks, perform balancing acts, and participate in a juggling act with humans. Artificial intelligence is permeating all aspects of our society, even the performing arts. Now we really have seen it all! Click this video below from Cirque du Soleil to see for yourself.

Lawyers, What's the Matter with Your Matters?

This one goes out to you industrious law firms out there. What we love about NetDocuments, one of our favorite cloud management platforms, is its matter-centric layout. Here are three features you may want to take advantage of to save you time, reduce risk, and make your workflow go smoother.

Litigation Hold

Once you place a matter on hold, nobody can edit or delete it. This reduces risk of accidental usage of obsolete or invalid information (NetDocuments, 2016).

Favorite Matters

With the heavy workload and long hours that you work, no doubt you’ve got more than enough to pay attention to. Save yourself some time by clicking the star next to the matters that are your focus for the moment (NetDocuments, 2016).

ShareSpace Collaboration

Much like Google docs, you can share and collaborate on documents with people outside your company without making a million copies to clog your inbox. You can even set up automatic notifications to signal when someone has added or removed content, saving you the time of having to send an extra email (NetDocuments, 2017).

IT Fun Fact of the Month

In Delta Pi Epsilon Journal, Scot Ober noted that during the normal course of work a typist’s fingers travel 12 to 20 miles per day. That's some serious calorie burning!

(As cited in Smith, 2007)

Should I teach my kids how to code?

Come on, you've thought about it! Teaching kids a skill like this instills self confidence, technical awareness, and above all is a great way to hone their fine motor skills. Maybe you've got the next Steve Jobs in the making...Even if you have no idea how to program, there are many resources available that you can take advantage of. Click here to read the article.

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