Should Tech Firms Outsource to Other Tech Firms?

It’s kind of like that adage about the cobbler’s son having no shoes.

Should Tech Firms Outsource to Other Tech Firms in New Yourk & Queens

Technology has many different shades. This month’s blog confers that Just because your company falls somewhere on the spectrum, it doesn’t mean that you have to provide all services of a technical nature in-house. We interviewed Jessica Rovello, CEO of Arkadium, for her perspective on outsourcing managed support services.

According to Jessica, for a company of Arkadium’s size (100 people), using BTP’s outsourced help desk was a great money saver. If Arkadium had to hire a full time IT technician to provide user support, the overall cost would be much greater. There also would have been an additional employee to spend time managing.

As for working with an external organization, there have been no issues. This can be attributed to BTP’s fast response time. According to Jessica, “All of my fears about what would happen if we didn’t have an inhouse person didn’t come true. It just worked.”

The fit has been seamless and Arkadium employees see BTP as an extended team.

As for what Jessica would say to other tech firms who are considering outsourcing their help desk function, “It definitely worked for me. I would definitely consider giving it a try even I f you’ve never done something like this before because my experience has been really great!”

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