“The BTP team has been instrumental in the success of this project and completely understood the hotel’s complex and intricate IT requirements. Through BTP’s design and our shared vision for the hotel, the Trump SoHo is providing the latest technology available in modern hospitality. BTP has created solutions that both enhance the experience for our guests and the hotel staff.”
Alex Sapir
President of Bayrock/ Sapir
“At first we hired Josh to work on a project basis on the infrastructure side, helping with construction engineering projects. Eventually we engaged BTP to be our outsourced CIO’s, which allowed us access to a higher caliber level of skill than we would have been able to afford by hiring a full time employee. We have appreciated BTP’s broad expertise, which spans engineering to application support. They provided sophisticated thought leadership, fit seamlessly with our culture, and complemented our team’s skill sets very well.”
Bethany Lampland
COO of The New York Foundling
“About four years ago, we moved our company headquarters. As soon as I met Josh, I knew he would do a great job. He seemed so competent in how we explained cabling. As we worked together, he exceeded my expectations. The move was very comfortable and smooth under his direction. Josh was constantly on top of things. I hired him a few years later for another move, and he took the initiative in finding a certain kind of cable that I needed without me even asking. He personally hand-delivered the cable to my office and saved me a ton of time. Josh went beyond the call of duty. He certainly lived up to my expectations, doing exactly what he said in a very professional way. The value of his presentation and quality of work was definitely worth what I paid.”
Bobby Younessian
System Administrator, Phreesia
“We engaged BTP for some critical infrastructure projects involving Windows Active Directory and Windows Exchange, and eventually to provide the buildout for our office move from Manhattan to New Jersey. Josh and his team were very proficient; they made it crystal clear exactly how they were going to go about these projects, which inspired great confidence in us. What I love best about Josh is that he is very accessible and a great communicator. I love how he’s open to feedback.”
Michael Nelkens
former Global Head of Technology Infrastructure at MF Globa
“I have engaged BTP numerous times, most notably to do an assessment of our infrastructure and to help us migrate to a new data center. What sets Josh apart is his unique combination of being committed, energetic, and honest. He is really committed to making his client successful and his approach is refreshing. I knew when I engaged BTP and Josh that I was getting a partner. He did high quality work and delivered when he said he would. He’s always thinking about how he can help you be better in your job as well, and provides useful insight - even if it’s not always asked for – without doing so in an “in your face” kind of way."
Avram Kornberg
former CIO of Natixis Bank and MF Global
“Josh and his team assisted us with our office move, coordinating everything from the installation in the new space to making sure that the timeline was met. The experience was seamless; Josh is a great partner who saw me through a very hectic time. He has a great personality, professionalism, responsiveness, and ability to communicate, all which made me feel that I was in very competent hands. I’m a very picky judge of talent, but Josh is extraordinary. I wish I were moving again so I could work with him. He’s a total hands-on pro.”
Susan Levine
President, Career Group Companies
“We moved to a vendor earlier this year based on cost but after two months switched back. It was a breath of fresh air when BTP would come onsite if we had issues requiring their attention. They respond promptly, and sometimes I even get a call from the company principals themselves to give me a status update. In contrast, with other MSP providers it took up to a half a day and the same level of service and competence was just not there. They are very diligent throughout the resolution process as well as with following up afterwards to make sure the issue has been taken care of completely.”
Jay Miele
Hammond Hanlon Camp.
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